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We accept digital submissions only.  In the first instance please send a synopsis of your idea, who the book is aimed at in terms of audience, a CV and a covering letter.  We are unable to reply to all submissions so will only respond to those we wish to pursue further.  If you don’t hear from us on this occasion but have other ideas please continue to submit.  We understand that sometimes it takes a while to get the right idea in place.  


Make your pitch to us as convincing as possible, you only get that one chance at first impressions right?  Don’t make it too long (500 words for the synopsis should be enough).  Convince us that you have not only a good idea but something that will become a great book.  Mention if you are already a published author and what writing experience you have.  How do you see your book structured?  What would it look like?  How will it stand out from the crowd?  This is your moment to shine and impress so give it your best shot.  We are ready and waiting to hear from you.   

Please send submissions to:

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