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Kevin Hendley

Born into a Northern coal mining family and after spending ten years as a master butcher, Kevin moved to London in the 90s and obtained a degree in fine art from Central Saint Martin’s. Kevin’s work is sold in the UK and Internationally through galleries and Art Fairs and is much sought after by collectors and investors.  Much of his work has been portraiture, inspired by the techniques of the Old Masters, which he learnt from dedicating time studying them at the National Gallery every day for years. 

Kevin says “My subjects are captured from afternoons spent observing street life in London and Brighton, sketching, and taking candid photographs. Always using humour and pathos, I then paint these theatrical characters in oils on wood and make my own frames”.  His work has one foot in the old world of masters such as Delaroche, Rubens, Ribera, Guido Reni, and Caravaggio, the other playfully in the new world deploying a twist of anarchic affection and are thoroughly unique.  

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