Paul is a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and novelist. He has created several of BBC’s longest-running comedies, including May to December, So Haunt Me and the hugely popular My Hero, starring Ardal O’Hanlon. 


For DreamWorks Animation/Fox he created Neighbors From Hell, now streaming on Apple+. He is currently adapting one of his series for the US market.


Paul’s acclaimed ITV drama, Losing It, starring Martin Clunes as an adman with testicular cancer was nominated for several Best Writing Awards.


For BBC Radio 4, Paul has written original plays and series and dramatised several novels. 

Paul’s first novel, In the Matter of Isabel, (‘a wonderfully funny and moving comic novel’ The Independent) was inspired by a case he handled as a young and not very good lawyer.

Paul A. Mendelson photo 1.JPG

It has been optioned, alongside his script, by a major Hollywood producer. 


He has since written and scripted five more novels, two of which are for 9+ children, and a collection of short fiction. His 2021 novel Must Have GSOH is being developed as a feature film with a major U.K. company and his latest novel Their Exits and Their Entrances is published February 2022.


Paul lives in Pinner and divides his time between writing for the screen and novels, and grandkids.