Manju Malhi

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Manju Malhi BEM is a TV chef and author of five cookbooks.  Born in England to Indian parents, Manju grew up in London surrounded by Indian culture, traditions and lifestyles.  She also spent several years of her childhood in India where she discovered and embraced the varied cuisines of the sub-continent. Her cooking is a combination of Indian tradition married with European practicalities, creating her own unique genre of food, Brit-Indi. Her first book was the acclaimed Brit Spice. No stranger to TV in the UK and abroad, Manju filmed a 40-part television series introducing British cuisine to India, Cooking isn't Rocket Science, seen by over 800 million viewers in India. 


Manju’s other books include India with Passion, Classic Indian Recipes the Easy Indian Cookbook and her current publication Everyday Healthy Indian Cookery. Work in the media has encompassed BBC, ITV, Sony, Zee TV, NDTV, Sky and radio appearances. In addition to writing and developing recipes for food brands, she loves teaching at Open Age where the elderly come and cook simple dishes using herbs and spices

while having fun and at Heston West where she educates children who haven’t heard of or used fresh ingredients.  She regularly hosts cookery theatres and culinary demonstrations extolling simple healthy home cooking, where health issues in particular diabetes, heart disease and obesity are ever present.  She is currently developing a new ground-breaking health focused cookbook.