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Felice Hardy

Felice is a journalist and author who has written on diverse subjects, from travel and food to yacht charter and fashion. Earlier in life, she studied for an art foundation qualification at the University of the Arts London and then for a degree in illustration. It was by chance that she moved into journalism, following a job offer at Vogue magazine. This led to a period as deputy editor of a ski magazine. Felice has also co-written 18 travel guidebooks. 


As a travel writer, Felice has toured the world for a variety of publications including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveller and British Airways’ High Life magazine. She co-edits the ski information website Welove2ski and hosts a successful podcast called Action Packed Travel. 

Felice’s new book The Tennis Champion Who Escaped the Nazis: Liesl Herbst’s journey, from Vienna to Wimbledon is published on 3rd July by Ad Lib. Peter James, international bestselling crime writer

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described the book as "Stunningly descriptive, compelling writing.  I was moved close to tears on several occasions”.

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