Nitin Ganatra

With a BA Honours in Drama, Film and Television, followed by study with experimental theatre maestro, the late Jerzy Grotowski Nitin has had a long and distinguished career. Across the decades he has worked alongside some highly accomplished actors and directors such as Sam Mendes, Tim Burton, Ray Winstone, Richard Gere, Donald Sutherland and John Malkovich. Balancing a film career with performances in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory alongside popular television shows including BBC 1’s EastEnders and C4’s The State, Nitin has also recently returned to the theatre, winning rave reviews for The End of the Pier and David Baddiel’s debut play God’s Dice.  


Indian, Kenyan born Nitin grew up in a corner-shop in the Midlands.  An instinctive observer and thinker he started painting and drawing from as early as he can remember. It became his first and strongest passion.  He has recently picked up his paint brush again and is experiencing an artistic renaissance. 

KUOV8208 2.jpeg

Nitin is currently developing a philosophically based tome of exquisitely poignant and moving watercolour paintings, thoughts, musings, questions of life, existence and hope.  Nitin’s ability to capture a mood, nuance or image is as uncanny as it is meaningful.