Chip Colquhoun

Chip began writing early, really early, he had his first newspaper article published at the age of 9 and then went on to write numerous scripts whilst still at school.

But that was all for fun. Chip became a professional storyteller in 2007 and has since performed his engaging blend of traditional folklore and originality in 9 countries and counting. He’s now a regular at Glastonbury Festival, and has written the EU’s guidance on storytelling for schools (who though they’d have one of those), 5 theatrical productions supported by Arts Council England, and 3 books beginning with “Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children” in 2016.

Chip has collaborated with ITVs 100 Favourite Walks and the Roald Dahl’s estate and is now writing a book of a collection of tales that inspired Dahl’s genius. He’s also working on his first thriller for adults.

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