Chip Colquhoun


Chip began writing early – really early. He had his first newspaper article published at the age of 9, and then went on to write numerous scripts whilst still at school.

But that was all for fun. Chip became a professional storyteller in 2007, and has since performed his engaging blend of traditional folklore and originality in 10 countries and counting. He’s now a regular at Glastonbury Festival, and has written the EU’s guidance on storytelling for schools (who thought they’d have one of those?), 5 theatrical productions supported by Arts Council England, and 3 books of which the first was Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children in 2016.

Chip has collaborated with ITV’s 100 Favourite Walks and the Roald Dahl Estate, and is now working with Korky Paul on a collection of tales that inspired Dahl’s genius. Chip and Korky, the multi-award-winning illustrator of Winnie and Wilbur, are also regularly co-producing two stories a month as ebooks and audio books, which are available via subscription from

But Chip’s storytelling has never been for younger audiences alone, and he is currently also writing his first thriller for adults.